Why should I hire a web agency when I can do it myself?

Updated March 19, 2018 11:45 a.m.: We're not a web agency and don't build complete websites anymore.
This allows us to help you, as an independent adviser, to hire the right web agency or compare the quotes you have received.


It has never been easier to "exist online", today there is a whole plethora of tools to create a website that does not require knowledge of coding languages like HTML or PHP.
Often the tools are free, are included in the web hotel or cost a small amount each month. They are easy to use and it does not have to take longer than a weekend to get up a simple website.

It may sound like web agencies soon belong to history at first glance, but it's actually the exact opposite.

Higher competition

Customers move at avalanche-like speed over to the digital in almost all B2C industries, and the companies that don't move with are losing potential revenue. However, companies that choose to remain in the past are very few, which has resulted in increased competition.
With more websites being launched (and updates of old & outdated) competition levels also increasing on the web, it will be harder to penetrate the noise and make the customer remember you.
To get some perspective, there are at least 7098 companies in Stockholm alone that deal with accounting. The majority have a website, and in most cases, the differences between the websites are very small layout and design-wise, and often copy & texts are similar.
And that's a bit how it becomes when you as inexperienced try to create your own site using something like "Amazingly easy & also new drag & drop tool build to your own website" or hire a bad web agency.

SEO, Ease of use, conversion, etc.

Our clients hired us because they knew that our websites create new customers and thus become a project with positive ROI (return on investment, return).
To cover everything it takes and need to be treated when talking about how to "do a website well" we would have to write an entire book, it's several years of knowledge acquisition, experience and data that underpins the websites that perform and attract customers.

Sum this up for me please!

A website is an investment if you choose the right one, and a waste of time, money and resources when choosing errors. If it sounds too good to be true, that's probably not true.
Websites that generate customers won't find for a few thousand dollars (unless you're lucky enough to encounter a Northside during its first "baby year" where you try to think long-term & build a portfolio.. *). It takes a broad, and at the same time deep knowledge of the digital, data to be based on, as well as understanding of psychology and human interactions to create websites that perform.

*Ps, if you feel hit, hang in! We've been where you are, and with hindsight it was a good decision to bet exceeding customer expectations even when you didn't get the right compensation for it, it will pay off in the end. 

Do you need help hiring a web agency or getting an objective assessment on the quotes you've received? Get in touch with us for email or hit a signal on 08-120 575 10

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