10 tips for brands to increase visibility on Instagram

Increasing your follower count on Instagram and also keeping it is not the easiest.
Here are 10 tips for brands on how to do and what to consider.

On average, a regular user spends around 21 minutes a day in the app.
Instagram has 300 million monthly active users.

How to increase the visibility of your brand on Instagram:

  1. Choose a recognizable name

Users should easily be able to find your brand, so choose a name that is easy to recognize and easy to search for.


  1. Keep your profile up-to-date all the time.

Update your bio frequently. Make sure that the profile picture is the same as you have on the other social media accounts. It increases recognition for users.


  1. Add your url

Add your url to the cinema to generate leads and drive traffic to your website.
Be sure to update the URL when running promotions or competitions so it leads directly to the content you want users to engage in.
Add to your caption that there is "direct link in cinema" when you want to encourage clickand engagement.


  1. Create a hashtag relevant to the brand.

Encourage users to hashtag their posts with your tag so you can see which content is posted where your brand is mentioned.
Create new hashtags for different campaigns. They should of course be relevant to your brand and your active campaign.


  1. Get involved with your followers

Followers appreciate if you as a brand interact with them. Don't forget to engage in items hashtagged with your tags.
Interact with your followers on a regular basis. It pays off, I promise.


  1. Repost user-generated content.

Monitor your hashtags and reposts and like. It makes users feel noticed. Your followers are ambassadors for your brand!


  1. Use a consistent theme.

Use the same filter on your photos, if you use it.
You post images with text so preferably use the same font scans and colors that you have on your website.
Successful brands are the ones that have a consistent theme on their Instagram account. Find your brand's theme and stick to it.


  1. Be active in real time

Post content relevant in real time.
For example, "Happy Halloween" if it's that weekend.
"Congratulations The King who celebrates x birthday today!"
"Today is the day of the sticky cake, it celebrates here in the office with each piece of lovely cake..."


  1. Keep track of statistics/engagement

What works well and what works worse. How many new followers have been added, how many "likes" have the different entries received.
Change strategy depending on what the statistics look like. Revalue. Test, test and test.


Finally, some tips on image and text.

How are you going to do to make your pictures visible and encourage engagement?

If the user follows many, the flow is full of images.
Images, each of which fills the entire screen on a smartphone.

A user scrolls past an Instagram picture in seconds and therefore you should both have an appealing image and an engaging text to keep their attention.

Keep your texts short and simple.
The user doesn't want to have to read the text to understand the image you posted.

Your picture or video should tell the story while the caption provides context.

You shouldn't overuse hashtags and emojis.
The number of hashtags should not be more than 2-3 pieces per image.
They should be relevant to your post.

If you use too many, it looks like spam and nobody likes that. The same goes for emojis. Not too many and not in every text.

Find the middle ground and that may be the key you need to convert users.

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